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But what is it about these sexually compulsive men—these so-called playboys, Casanovas, or, more recently, “sex addicts”—that gives me (and plenty of other women) such a boner?

And considering that these men often make difficult‚ or at least partners, I can’t help but wonder: Is biology trolling me? Back when the “Carlos Danger” sexts were leaked, the social consensus seemed to be that Weiner was a disgusting pervert.

But I never pay them—they always just fuck me for free.” I actually believe him.

At first it was thrilling to be with someone so driven by sexual adventure.

“There’s obviously a distinction between a man who has a lot of sex with different women, and a predator.

But nowadays, any halfway ‘woke’ guy knows that because of the patriarchy, you have to recognize that you’re always one step away from being predatory.

Still, I do think there’s a moral path for men who don’t want to pursue the conventional domestic existence.

In our inevitable fight afterward, his defense was literally: “We weren’t having sex.

I was just teaching her how to give a blow job.” It made me think that while Casanova may enrich the story of your life, he isn’t the one you stick with long term.

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Unfortunately, when these sexual maniacs stop being two-dimensional fantasies and start being your boyfriend, things get a bit more complicated.

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